How to place order


How to place order

Place an order

It is simply and easily to place an order on Africa Hair Beauty Hair Store

  1. You could place an order immediately without sign up and log in.
  2. You could place an order after you signed up or logged with a your  account or your social medial account.

We will provide customer service for you throughout your order. If you have a log in account, it would be much more easily for you to get the newest situation of the order. And if here is any problem during the order and daily usage, we would have a faster response to you with your information.



To pay for your order ,follow the steps below:

  1. Select the order and click the "Pay Now" button
  2. Choose PayPal or the FNB bank payment method on the checkout page


Order Process

  1. When we get your order, we will send you an congratulation email to you, and confirm every details of your orders for you.
  2. We will transmit your order information to your warehouse and packing department. Firstly, we will confirm the stock abilities of your order. If they are in stocks, we will begin the second steps. The warehouse will help us check the product quality. Thirdly, the packing department will help us well pack the high quality products.
  3. The forwarders pick up the packages, and begin to transport the packages to the destinations.
  4. We will send you an email after the package in transportation.
  5. We will keep tracking for you throughout the shipment. If here is any exception, we will contact you through email or telephone number.
  6. After you get the hairs,We will send you an after service email. If you need any helps, please feel free to contact us!